Peggy Turner Resident: Lived Here: 2013 – Current  Posted 6/9/15

Since being a tenant here, almost two (2) GREAT years, I have witnessed phenomenal changes.The other day I noticed the new Pentagon’s maintenance team uniforms and all I could say was WOW.   I love the selected colors and the uniformed look.  Not only are you improving the appearance of the apartments and common grounds but the maintenance crew uniforms add to the professional appearance of Pentagon’s team.   It’s refreshing to see a uniformed crew and I know your team must feel a great pride in their new look.  The biggest plus – Now when a new or long term tenant calls for maintenance they know whose knocking at their door.  It gives us a sense of security knowing that we are not opening our doors to an undisclosed person.  You truly have your tenants safety and confidence in mind. Your professionalism and vision for this complex is amazing.  As previously mentioned, in my short tenure as a tenant I have seen a lot of property improvements and a lot of smiling faces.  The complex is BEAUTIFUL.  I can hardly wait to see your completed vision for Pentagon Apartments.

Anonymous Resident: Lived Here: 2010 – 2014  Posted 4/24/2014

I have lived here for, coming up 4 yrs. now. The rent is reasonable, the office actually takes notes and/or looks up your issue or question immediately.
The maintenance men are neat, hardworking, leave no mess behind, clean up contractors leftovers, care about their work and their neighbors. If your ac goes out at 2 am, David is there with a window unit within an hour. Since 3 of them live on site, they know what is going on after hours, so things can be addressed by the office the next day.
AND, as a bonus, if you like to relax by playing in the garden, you can get an okay from Bob.
The buildings are concrete block, which is a plus in hurricane season. With the short eaves and shallow slope, you are less likely to lose your roof in a storm.
The tenants that don’t care about others are being moved along, so that you are less likely to have disturbances to deal with…they are older buildings, but a little bit of care deals with the egregious noises. Consideration for others goes a long way towards having a good community.

Anonymous Resident: Lived Here: 2014 – 2015  Posted 4/15/2014

New to Melbourne, Florida ,this is an Oasis !!!!!! Beautiful grounds and pool . Nothing like coming home to a safe/secure home . The staff and management are very nice and helpful . No waiting weeks for a repair ! They come right away. So glad I found my home here !! Well Done !!!

easylife25 – Resident: Lived Here: 2011 – 2014  Posted 5/20/2014

We have lived at Pentagon for about 4 years now. Although the neighborhood has had its issues, I am beyond ecstatic that its getting better and better. They are doing a lot of upgrades and remodeling on the property. ( it was def time for this )

The Manager is top notch as is all of the great staff members. One of the best things about living here is that they do NOT use work orders when maintenance is needed in our apartment. Instead, it is taken care of within moments of the call. I have never experienced that type service in all the years that my husband and I have lived in apartments.

Bob always speaks to everyone and, shockingly, knows everyone’s name. I hope to continue living here for many years to come, and, based on all of the amazing renovations going on, I feel confident that I will def be here for many more.


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